About ME

I'm a designer of award winning educational games, as well as a researcher and project manager at MIT's Education Arcade. My areas of interest include alternate reality games, game narrative, STEM topics, museum engagement, and financial education. I’m particularly interested in designing experiences that blend digital and real-life elements, and have drawn design inspiration from immersive/interactive theater, live action roleplaying games, location based games, and escape rooms.

My projects have included Vanished, an interactive science mystery event co-developed with the Smithsonian, and a series of financial literacy games (Farm Blitz, Bite Club, Con 'Em if You Can) developed with Fablevision and Commonwealth. I was the 2016 Fellow in Museum Practice at the Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access, and hold a master’s degree in Technology, Innovation and Education from Harvard University.  I'm available as a freelance designer, content writer and consultant on educational games, live experiences, and related technologies.


"Caitlin is an exceptionally talented learning game designer as demonstrated by her work both on Farm Blitz and Bite Club. Beyond her creative talent as a designer, Caitlin is passionate about making effective games that generate positive measured outcomes for players. Caitlin is a pleasure to work with, and I would not hesitate in recommending Caitlin for learning game work."  -Nick Maynard, Commonwealth

"We hired Caitlin earlier this year to be a key component in delivering game-based assessment designs, that involved new methodologies for all those involved, on an incredibly tight timeline. Caitlin has done an incredible job not only be dynamic and a leader despite the ambiguity and intensity of the project, but she has delivered outstanding work that has raised the bar for the work we conceived could be produced in this project. She has a tremendous intuition for design, particularly with game dynamics, and she's been a strong, collaborative team-member throughout the entire process. We will definitely look to hire Caitlin again for the next contract we embark on!" - Jen Groff, Learning Games Network


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